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ESSE Power is specially engaged in the development, production, sale and export of the solar water heaters. It provides world class energy saving systems and equipments to the society. Our solar collector is CE and Solarkeymark DIN certified by TUV Germany. Solarkeymark is the most widely accepted European standard for solar thermal. It takes the objective of sincere cooperation, people-oriented and advocates the green civilization. It devotes itself to the development and application of the green energy resources.
We provide 3rd and 4th generation solar water heating systems under the brand name ESSE Power both for domestic and commercial purpose including pressurized and non-pressurized type that can be used in hostels, hotels, commercial and residential complexes, hospitals and industries. Our products provide latest world class Vacuum Tube (3rd Generation) andHeat Pipe Technology (4th Generation Technology) which in turn gives a maintenance free system to the users.

Our system is more efficient than second generation product (flat plate collector). Our system works on thermo-siphon principle thus natural circulation of water is there and no moving parts are involved. As a result the system life is long and it requires no maintenance, even one can use hard water.